RICHARD JACOBS PHOTOS - Specialize in Food, Product and Jewelry Photography - Located in Fairfield, CT
35 Years of photography experience

Nothing sells like a photograph. We are passionate about photographic detail.  We specialize in food, product and jewelry photography as well as post production image modification.



I have worked with Richard Jacobs since 1984. He has done the food photography for my articles and books. He is very precise and detail oriented and the results show his dedication to his craft and his consummate professionalism. I have enjoyed working with him in the past and will continue to do so in the future.


                                 Peter G. Rose

                                  Author - Food Historian

Food Photography

Product Photography

Jewelry Photography

For the passed 25 years Richard Jacobs, DeLara Communications has been the creative advertising force behind the Works Gallery, 1250 Madison Avenue, NY, NY.


 Always prompt Richard Jacobs has created numerous catalogs, post cards, advertisements from photos and design thru printing and mailing.


I highly recommend Delara Communications for  small and large business advertising needs.


                                  Frank Pereira,  President